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The Philippine Children's Television Foundation, Inc. (PCTVF) is a non-profit media organization aimed toward education. It aims to maximize mass media in all its forms to provide an alternative means of education for Filipinos.



  • Batibot on TV
  • PG (Parent's Guide) - a one-hour magazine program for parents
  • 1896 KALAYAAN - a one-hour magazine program for seven to 13 year olds designed as an after-school resource on Philippine history, culture, civics and geography.
  • Pin pin - a one-hour magazine program which integrates Filipino and Chinese cultures.
  • Radyo Batibot - a radio program for children aged seven to 12 years old intended for children in areas without access to television.
  • Batibot live shows and road shows
  • Batibot books, cassette tapes and instructional videos
  • Various children documentaries
  • Batibot: the world of children expo


PCTVF has ventured into multimedia projects and expositions in a continuing effort to reach out to a broad audience children and adults. PCTVF is a pioneer in educational television and radio within a commercial broadcast industry. It relies on research-backed curriculum and program development processes that ensure age-appropriate content and formats.

PCTVF has successfully embarked on projects and programs that translate a commitment to maximize different forms of mass media in a responsible manner for the benefit of the nation's children.



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