Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

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Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

Logo of the Philippine Health insurance Corporation

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Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) or more commonly known in the Philippines as Philhealth, is a Philippine agency who assumed the responsibility of the former Medicare Program for government and private sector employees, with its landmark transfer from the GSIS (October, 1997) and SSS (April, 1998).



With this transfer came the turnover of the health insurance funds, initially totaling One Hundred and Five (105) Million Philippine Peso from the GSIS and Fourteen (14) Billion Philippine Peso from the SSS. The amount covers employee and employers' shares in the medical care program. On the other hand, funds worth Fifty Three Million and Two Hundred Thousand Philippine Peso contributed by the local government units (LGUs) for the premium contributions of indigent members, were also entrusted to the agency in 1997 and 1998.

In preparation for the NHIP's full implementation in 1998, PhilHealth obtained approval from the Department of Budget and Management for the creation of 995 regular plantilla positions, a move that will make PhilHealth responsive to the needs of NHIP's members nationwide.


A premier government corporation that ensures sustainable, affordable and progressive social health insurance which endeavors to influence the delivery of accessible quality health care for all Filipinos.

Its Mission

As a financial intermediary, PhilHealth shall continuously evolve a sustainable National Health Insurance Program that shall:

  • Lead towards universal coverage
  • Ensure better benefits for its members at affordable premiums;
  • Established close coordination with its clients through a strong partnership with all stakeholders; and,
  • Provide effective internal information and management system to influence the delivery of quality health care services.




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