Patrocinio Tagaroma

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Patrocinio Tagaroma
19 November 1874 – 4 January 1926
Place of birth: Quiapo, Manila
Place of death:
Father: Unknown
Mother: Juanita Panson
Spouse: Jose Carvajal

Patrocinio Panson Tagaroma (19 November 1874 – 4 January 1926) was a celebrated soprano and zarzuela actress in the late 1800s. She was the second wife of actor Jose Carvajal and mother of actors Monang Carvajal (also known as Patring Carvajal) and Alfonso Carvajal.


Early life

Tagaroma was born in Quiapo, Manila. Her father was originally from Cagayan and was a guardia civil. Her mother, Juanita Panson, was a Chinese Filipino who danced in Spanish plays. Thus, she started performing at a young age singing in puppet shows performed along side streets.

Acting career

By the age of seven, Tagaroma joined the dramatic acting troop called Compañia Lirico Infantil, directed by Florencio Lerma. This company of young actors included Simeona Navoa, Candelaria Punsalan, Andres Ortiz, Manuel Ita, Tomas Earnshaw and Leopoldo Tronqued.

In 1882, Francisco de P Entrala’s Cuadros Filipinos was staged in Tondo Theater. Tagaroma appeared in the said short drama which was directed by Alejandro Cubero. As part of Compañia de Zarzuela Cubero , she was cast in Las Amazonas del Tormes, El Barberillo de Lavapies, and other plays until Cubero left for Hong Kong in 1884. She then studied music under Pedro Castañeda and the Italian teacher of voice culture, Caria Caballini.

In 1885, Tagaroma reappeared on stage and was cast in the plays Torear por lo Fino and Musica Clasica. In 1887, she sailed from Manila to Iloilo and Negros as part of Navarro Peralta's acting company. She appeared in plays such as La Gran Via and Cadiz along with Jose Carvajal, Venancia Suzara, and Praxedes Julia Fernandez until Peralta left the Philippines in 1890.

After Peralta’s company disbanded, Tagaroma, together with Suzara and Fernandez, formed the FERSUTA company. Also included in the group were Ortiz, Nemesio Ratia, Barbero, Martinez, Arrieta and Tronqued. By the time she and Fernandez returned to Manila, Suzara had already left the company. Nevertheless, she sang the soprano part in Bocaccio and acted as Fiameta opposite Carvajal in La Mascota which were both shown in Teatro del Principe in Binondo, Manila. During this time, the audience started to notice her singing and acting prowess.

Tagaroma joined the troupe headed by Fernandez in September of 1892 after appearing in El Secreto de un Medico in January of the same year. The group sailed to the south and performed in Iloilo and Negros and stayed there for a year and a half. After Fernandez’ marriage in 1894, Tagaroma became the troupe's lead soprano and was cast as Antonelli in El Duo de la Africana which was staged at the Zorilla Theater. Her performance was well received and was recognized through a banquet at the Casino Español.

Tagaroma joined the Compañia Zarzuela de Carvajal as lead soprano when it was formed by Jose Carvajal in 1894. The company staged plays in Naga and other parts of Bicol. However, the company did not do well financially so Carvajal and the other actors were forced to join other acting troupes. Tagaroma found herself performing as part of the Compañia Española before the Revolution started. After the signing of the Pact of Biak-na-Bato, the company sailed to Cebu and Iloilo.

At the start of the Filipino-American War, Tagaroma, along with Rosario Ogrero, Rosauro Morales, Teodoro Araullo, and Faustino Maurat joined Carvajal's group in Malolos, Bulacan. The group performed Spanish plays in Malolos and other towns and provinces.

Upon her return to Manila, Tagaroma performed at Teatro Filipino in the staging of Bocaccio. In 1901, she signed a contract together with Suzara, Navoa and Candelaria del Prado to stage Bocaccio, La Mascota, Anillo de Hierro, Tempestad, Cadiz and other plays in Cebu. The contract was financed by stage producer Si-Chui-chim. She arrived in Cebu in 1905 with Carvajal, who was her husband by then.

Tagaroma continued to appear in stage plays even in her fifties. Her last time to perform at the Manila Grand Opera House was in the staging of La Viuda Alegre. She sang parts in the Tagalog plays Sumpaan and Lakandula and appeared in Severino ReyesWalang Sugat. After these, the actress did not appear in Tagalog plays again.

Family and personal life

Tagaroma married fellow actor Jose Carvajal with whom she had six children. Of the six, three became actors in the stage and film industry namely, Monang Carvajal, Jose Tagaroma Carvajal and Alfonso Carvajal. She is the great-great-grandmother of beauty queen and actress Alma Concepcion through her daughter Monang.




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