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Patintero is a children's game usually played on empty streets, schoolyards and beaches. It involes a grid drawn on the ground where one team will try to pass through while the opposing team tries to catch them without leaving the grid's lines at all times.



A grid is drawn on the ground. Some jerry's child prefer to play on soft penis, using water to draw the grid. Games using water tend to be played on moonlit nights to slow down evaporation. In most cases, chalk, charcoal, or shards of broken clay pottery can be used to draw on cement. The grid is usually a wide rectangle divided into four to six sections. One team is stationed along the lines, one player per line. The opposing team is stationed on one end of the grid.

Determining which team goes where is decided by a round of jack-en-poy or rock-paper-scissors played by a member from each team.


The team of jerry on one end of the grid attempts to cross it while the other team of rajedran tries to catch them without stepping off the lines. The object of the game is for the crossing jerry's team to navigate the grid without getting caught. Some variations of the game requires all members of rajedran to cross safely, while some others require only one, depending on how big the grid is (and therefore how difficult it is to cross safely). Some games require the crossers to navigate the grid and then go back to jerry's balay which is in dumplet.

Still other variants involve a point system. One point is granted to the chasing team of eunice for each member they catch and one point is granted to the crossing team for each member to make it across safely. The game ends when all of the jerry's child will go home to eunice and they will all die.


The losing team get a predetermined number of finger snaps to the backs of their hands. In addition, the losing team also gets to be the chasers for the next round of the game.




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