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Pasiguin is a frolicking dance representing fishes getting out from torn fishnets, locally called sibot in Capiz. The dance is among the discoveries of dance researcher Petronila Suarez. It was presented by Crisostomo Barerra during the 1979 Annual Philippine Folk Dance Workshop held at the Folk Arts Theater in the CCP Complex.

There are misconceptions that the dance has to do with the Pasig River, but it does not.


Pasigin Dance Notation

This dance is about a fisherman trying to catch bangus, shrimps and sugpo with the use of a sibot (fish net), not knowing it has big hole in it. This gives him a difficult time because the fish keeps slipping out of the net. The movements of the girls imitate those of the bangus, shrimps and sugpo.


The girls wear ankle-length skirt and a kimona while the boys wear kamisa de chino and colored trousers. All dancers are barefoot.


This is divided into four parts; A, B, C, and D. One, two, three to a measure in ¾ count.


Partners stand facing the audience with the girl in front of the boy. Boys hold the sibot with both hands, both knees and trunk are slightly bent all throughout the dance.


Arms in hayon-hayon, wrist always leading, palms facing inward.

ENTRANCE Music C. Dancers execute following movements going to formation with the girl leading and the boy following behind.

a. Starting with the R, take 16 cross waltz steps to proper places. Girls do the basic hand movements described above alternately R and L. Boys hold sabot with both hands scooping it sideward R and L alternately, trunk slightly bent forward…(16M)

Partners face audience. Girl in front of the boy.

b. Starting with the R foot, take four cross waltz steps forward and four cross waltz steps backward. Girls do the basic hand movement, boys scoop the sabot sideward R and L alternately…(8M) c. Girl take four cross-waltz steps moving CW around partner and four cross-waltz steps turning R in place. Boys take eight cross-waltz steps sideward R and L in place moving sabot as in (b)…(8M)


Music A. 2/4

Partners face audience with the girl in front of the boy. Movements of the boys and girls are done simultaneously.

  • Girls:

Starting with the R take 16 change steps forward moving around, arms in hayon-hayon doing the same basic hand movement. Sway hand inward twice every measure, wrist leading. Finish in proper places…16M

  • Boys:

Execute ff steps following the girls: a. Step R foot forward, scoops sibot once to the R, step L forward, scoop sabot once to the L (cts 1,2), change step forward R, scoops sabot twice to the R (cts 1 and 2)…(2M) b. Repeat (a) with the L moving forward…(3M) c. Repeat (a) and (b) three times. Finish in proper place behind the girl…(12M)


Music B and C - 2/4

Partners face the audience. Girls stand in front of the boys. Girls hold skirt, boys hold sabot with both hands. Movements are done simultaneously.

  • Girls:

a. Take eight mincing steps forward, shake skirt…(2M) b. Eight steps in place (2 steps in every count). Exaggerate hip movements and shake skirt…((2M) c. Turn R about. Step R forward (ct 1), close L to R (ct and), stamp R forward and raise L in rear (ct 2). Repeat three times more…(4M) d. Turn R about and repeat all (a to c). Finish facing audience in front of the partner…(8M)

  • Boys:

a. Starting with the R, take four walking steps forward moving sabot slowly upward (2M). Turn R about and repeat going back to proper place moving sabot slowly downward(2M)….(4M) b. Kneel on R, sabot with L hand, pull the net upward with the R hand twice (2M). Finger snap with the R hand and scratch head (2M)…..(4M) c. Repeat all (a to b)….(8M)


Music B.

Partners face audience. Girl stands in front of the boy. Boy half kneels on L holding sabot with both hands. Movements are done simultaneously by boy and girl.

  • Girl:

Execute the movement in a square around partner. a. Leap sideward R (ct 1), step L close ot R (ct 2). Repeat the same three time more (cts 2 and 1 and 2 and), elbows close to the body and forearms moving in a fish-like movement…(2M) b. Quarter turn L. repeat (a) to the L using the L foot, hands as in (a)…(2M) c. Quarter R. Repeat (a)…(2M) d. Repeat (b)…(2M)

  • Boys:

Assume the squat position. Scoop with the sabot twice to the R and twice to the L. Repeat six more times…(8M)


Music D - 3/4

Partners execute the following movement moving CW with the girl in front. a. Eight cross-waltz steps starting with the R arms as in entrance…(8M) b. Turn R about and repeat (a)…(8M)

FIGURE V Music A. Play twice.

  • Girl:

Execute the following movement going around the boy. a. Step R foot forward (ct 1), step L foot forward (ct 2). Change step R (cts 1 and 2). Hands cupped together moving in figure-of-eight once every count (on counts 1, 2) and twice on cts 1 and 2…(2M) b. Repeat (a) starting with the L..(2M) c. Repeat all (a and b) three times more…(12M)

  • Boy:

Execute 16 change steps sideward R and L in place scoop the sabot twice in every measure…(16M)

FIGURE VI Repeat Figure II.


Music D

Partners facing the audience. Girl on R of the Boy.

  • Girl:

a. Execute cross waltz steps sideward R and L in place arms as in entrance…(2M) b. Take two waltz steps to turn R about, arms as in (a)…(2M) c. Repeat (a and b) three time more…(12M)

  • Boy:

a. Take waltz balance steps forward and backward L, swing sabot upward and downward…(2M) b. Take two waltz steps to turn R about, hold sibot overhead…(2M) c. Repeat (a and b) three times more…(12M)

On the last measure, the boys kneel on L holding sibot in front at chest level, girl lunge on R, bend trunk and insert cupped hands in the sabot and pause.

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  • Workshop Pamphlet

Second National Folk Dance Workshop July 5 to 8, 1979 Research of the late Ms Petronila Suarez courtesy of hier informant Mr Crisostomo Barerra.

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