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Pascual Laboratories is a privately-held pharmaceutical company founded in 1946 by husband and wife team of Isoceles and Leonora Pascual. The company is ranked in the top 10 pharmaceutical groups and 2nd largest among Filipino owned pharmaceutical companies. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the field of alternative medicines and supplements. At present, the company is headed by Dr. Abraham Pascual as the Chairman Emeritus and Manuel Escuta as the President and CEO. Its subsidiaries include: ADB Pharma Corporation, Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corporation, Pascual Pharma Corporation, and Pharex Health Corporation. Its production facilities are CGMP and ISO9000:2008 certified and has over 600 employees.


Early beginnings

After World War Two, the husband and wife team of Isoceles and Leonora Pascual, both Chemistry graduates from University of the Philippines decided to apply their knowledge in Chemistry and develop inexpensive drugs for the Filipinos who were still recovering from the war.

With their expertise, they started manufacturing simple medicines like Calda tablets a cure-all medicine made from Vitamins A and D), Elixir Paregoric for stomach aches, anti-diarrheals called Kaobismot, and antibacterials called Sulfa drugs. All of these medicines were initially manufactured in a one-room facility near their home.

The couple split the responsibility in their business. Isoceles handled the product development, while Leonora was in charge of finances and inventory. What made the company successful was the personal approach applied by the Pascuals in dealing with their customers. They also let their children use the medicines they sell to their customers, thus, giving them credibility.

By 1954, the Pascuals modernized their plant and offered new products such as antibiotics and cardiovascular drugs. By the 1960's, Pascual had formed strategic partnerships with foreign-based principals in order to offer new and innovative products to the Filipinos. It has also changed its business from single proprietorship to corporation to pave the way for a more complex organization such as adding different divisions handling sales, promotions and distribution. They had also started to strengthen their research and development.

At the height of the Martial Law in the 1970s.

Other business developments

In March 2005, the James Dy-owned Dyna Drug acquired the brand Micropil from the Pascul Laboratories. Micropil is a combined low does oral contraceptive pill brand. Then in March 2007, Dyna Drug acquired ownership from Pascual Laboratories another established brand Glucost oral rehydration salts.

Notable Products

  • Ora Care
  • Poten-Cee
  • Ascoff Lagundi Forte
  • C-Lium Fiber
  • Immuvit
  • Amagozin – Amapalaya food supplement for blood sugar management
  • Diaban – Banaba food supplement for diabetics weight management


Pharex Health Corporation

PHAREX, short for Pharmaceutical Excellence, is a wholly-owned subsidiary and was formally incorporated in April 1972 initially as an exclusive marketing, sales and distribution company of Pascual lab. However, in 1987, Pascuallab appointed Metro Drug as exclusive distributor of Pascuallab brands. It absorbed the marketing and promotion functions, while assigning PHAREX to market Pascuallab generic medicines in a timely step with the Generics Act of 1988.



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