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The Pangarap Foundation is a charity foundation based in the Philippines which aids street children by running shelters and livelihood programs for them. Its offices are located in Pasay City, Manila. The foundation accepts donations of cash and items that may be used by children. It also welcomes assistance in the form of skills development workshops for the children.



The foundation was started in 1989 by the Sons of Mary, Ina-anak, Inc., and the Ladies of Charity of Pasay.


The charity aims to provide homeless, abused, and runaway children with a positive environment that will aid them in becoming productive members of society, providing them with food, shelter, education, and livelihood skills. The children include walk-ins from the streets as well as those referred by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or child welfare NGOs. The foundation strives to restore the children to a positive family environment whenever possible.


The foundation has a residential shelter for boys in Pasay City and one for girls in Taguig City and other affiliated centers for streetchildren. Upon acceptance into one of these facilities, the child goes through a program of “stabilization” which amounts to being given three full meals a day. There is a regular schedule with definite times for all activities. The older members of the community help in integrating the new child. The child is given instruction in values formation and certain essential skills, then assigned to help in some of the chores in the shelter and asked to sign a contract promising to behave well, participate in group activities, and help with chores in return for board and lodging. The children in the centers are also taught to make items like fashion jewelry, bracelet rosaries, decorative candles, and soap. This not only provides them with livelihood skills but is a form of therapy for them. The items are sold to raise money for the centers, but a portion of the profit goes to the makers. This teaches them to value their work and gives them an opportunity to learn to save.

Schooling is initially undertaken in the center but when a child has achieved a sufficient level of skill, he or she is sent to a school in the neighborhood. Until high school, the center covers each child’s school-related expenses. Sponsored individual children may go on to take technical and vocational courses in schools like Don Bosco Technical Institute or to enroll in college.

Efforts are made to find the families of the children and to counsel them on how to effectively raise their child. If livelihood is a problem, the foundation together with other NGOs gives livelihood assistance. Once the family is judged fit to take in the child, the child is restored to his home environment. The foundation makes check-up visits to ensure the home environment remains positive for the reintegrated child.


The Pangarap Foundation is a DSWD-accredited child care facility. It is also certified as a donee institution by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification. It also has a tie-up with Hope for the Children UK.

Contact information

Pangarap Foundation Bro. Francisco Tanega, executive director 2503 Taft Ave. cor. Escobal Street Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila Tel. Nos. 834-10-61 / 551-37-33 Fax : 834-10-61

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