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Oro China Jewelry Shop is a shop that offers various customers, jewelry ranging from 14 to 24 karat of fine gold jewelry items. Established by Mr. Ng (Chinese surname is Ty) Han Hua & his wife Mrs. Lucita Villoria, Oro China is also well known to sell Diamond jewelry, Pearl jewelry, Colored Stone jewelry, White Gold jewelry, Platinum jewelry, which are popular in Japan and Hongkong. To date, the Company has fostered into eight outlets in major cities of the Visayas and Mindanao


The Company was established in 1967 by Mr. Ty Han Hua & his wife Mrs. Lucita Viloria. Mr. Ty together with his father migrated to the Philippines In 1957. Mr. Ty is a native of Fukian, China and together with his father worked in a jewelry manufacturing shop in Chinatown, Manila. While Mrs. Lucita Viloria is a native Chinese cebuana from Cebu who went to Manila to study and at the same time work in Manila. Due to uncontrollable events the couple migrated together with their 2 children to Cebu. They started a Jewelry manufacturing shop in Cebu but unfortunately, the jewelry shops in Cebu were not supportive to their finish products. This is when they opened Oro China Jewelry in a small display kiosk located in a restaurant near the public market of Cebu. They were later asked to leaved the space due to a robbery that took place in the restaurant where in the robbers demanded the sales of the jewelry. This crisis became an opportunity and a blessing when they opened their first jewelry shop in Plaridel Street. And later moved to a better location along Osmena Boulevard.


Oro China (read as Oro Tsina) is derived from the Spanish word “Oro” for Gold and “China” from old conversational jewelry language “Chinahin or chiniChina ang ginto – to purify the gold”. As the name implies the company is guided by traditional management values.



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