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Nuwebe is a film about Krista who got pregnant at the tender age of 9 as she was sexually abused by her own father. Written and directed by Joseph Israel Laban, the film is one of the official entries for the New Breed Category in Cinemalaya 2013.

Laban said that he got the idea for the movie after doing a documentary for GMA News TV's Front Row where he served as the managing producer. In a documentary, they featured the youngest mother in the Philippines that got pregnant at age nine and gave birth at age ten.

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Directed by Joseph Israel Laban
Produced by {{{producer}}}
Written by Joseph Israel Laban
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Music by Diwa de Leon
Editing by Roderick Cabrido
Distributed by
Release date(s) 2013
Running time
Country [[Image:{{
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}}|border|Flag of the Philippines]]Pilipinas

Language English
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Krista got pregnant at age 9 by her own father. She refuses to see herself as a victim. She refuses to see herself as a victim and demonstrates a level of resilience which is uncommon to her age. Her mother is torn between the love for her child and her love for her husband.



  • Sound and design- Jedd Dumaguina
  • Production design- Jaime Habac Jr.
  • Production manager- Julianne Marquez
  • Assistant production managers- Princess Gatmaitan, Beth Irum
  • Editor- Roderick Cabrido
  • Director of photography- Marco Villas Lopez
  • Music- Diwa de Leon
  • First assistant director- Jaime Habac Jr.
  • Second assistant director- Roderick Cabrido
  • Producers- Ferdinand Lapuz, Joseph Israel Laban, Ariel Bacol
  • Co-producers- Jedd Dumaguina, Jade Valenzuela
  • Associate producer- Rodel Cabrido
  • Executive producer- Roderick Cabrido
  • Writer and director- Joseph Israel Laban




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