Nora Aunor – Tirso Cruz III (Guy - Pip)

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Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III were the Guy & Pip movie and TV show tandem in the '70s to the '80s. Their moniker was based on their nicknames. Their tandem first emerged in 1969 with the box-office hit The Musical Teenage Idol. Their unusual pairing, a morena (Nora) and a mestizo (Tirso), became phenomenal in local showbiz.

Aunor had lots of leading men in her whole showbiz career. However, it was singer-actor Tirso Cruz III, nicknamed "Pipo" or "Pip", who was, according to Aunor's fans, her most beloved leading man. Together, they titillated their fans with many unforgettable yet wholesome love scenes. Some of their movies were "And God Smiled at Me", "Guy and Pip" and "Till We Meet Again".

Maria Leonora Theresa, Aunor's sensational doll from Tirso, was a remembrance of their tandem. In the film of the same name, Aunor considered the doll as their daughter. Though the Guy and Pip tandem was such a hot love team, Nora and Tirso never had a relationship.


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