Noli me Tangere Chapter 6 summary

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Captain Tiago was considered one of the richest in Binondo. He is between thirty and thirty-five years old; small but with a clear complexion. His properties holdings extend to Pampanga and Laguna, particularly to San Diego. Among these, Tiago also had an opium monopoly which reaped him huge profits; a government contract of feeding the prisoners and furnished among others. Because of his wealth, he is influential; and at peace with God, the government and men.

But he did not start of as such. Tiago was the son of a miser sugar-planter. Despite being rich, he did not educate his son. When his father died, he succeeded his businesses, and later on married Dona Pia Alba. She was the one who influenced Tiago to become a land-owner. In San Diego, the couple became good friends with Don Rafael Ibarra and Father Damaso.

Despite their businesses growing, the couple was not blessed with a child for the first six years of the marriage despite of all the known rituals during that time. Hence, Father Damso advised Pia Alba to go to Obando and dance in the fiesta of St. Pascual Bailon. Her prayer was answered, and the two were blessed with a baby girl, at the cost of Pia Alba’s life. They named their daughter Maria Clara in honor of the Virgin of Salambaw and St. Clara.

Maria Clara grew up under the care of Captain Tiago’s cousin, Aunt Isabel, the friars and her father. When she was 14, she was sent to the convent for strict religious trainings. Crisostomo Ibarra, on the other hand, left for Europe. Both Capitan Tiago and Don Rafael Ibarra agreed on the marriage of their children.