Noli me Tangere Chapter 61 summary

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As Ibarra and Elias were going to San Gabriel, Elias narrated his plans to Ibarra. He is to hide him in a friend in Mandaluyong. After which, he’ll bring all of Ibarra’s money buried at the foot of the balete in the mysterious tomb of his grandfather.

Although Ibarra found Elias suggestion of him going abroad unfair, he nevertheless invited him to come along and they’ll live like brothers. However Elias declined the invitation, explaining that Ibarra is not made to suffer in his country unlike him. Ibarra, seeing the cancer which feeds the society, then decided that he would be a real filibuster. And will call on those who also suffered misfortune and band them together.

When they passed the Captain-General’s palace, they learned that Ibarra’s escaped have already been discovered. Since they were going to pass by the powder-magazine, Elias covered Ibarra with zacate, which effectively concealed him since the sergeant had no clue Ibarra was Elias’s passenger.

As they were continuing their trip, a police boat had spotted them. When Elias changed course to avoid the patrol boat, he was surprised it did that same. He tried to outrun it but another patrol boat blocked his path. Seeing no other option, Elias jumped into the water to lure the boats away from their boat, after reminding Ibarra to meet him at tomb of his grandfather on Christmas Day.

His plan worked and the patrol boats began chasing him. The civil guards fired at him every time he rose up to breath. Half an hour later, they found traces of blood in the water.




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