Noli me Tangere Chapter 57 summary

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At nine in the morning, Padre Salvi had arrived at the barracks and he was approached by the alferez, who remarked that Ibarra and Don Filipo are also locked up along with the other prisoners, who were soon paraded in stocks. Of all the prisoners, they singled out Tarsilio, whose brother Bruno died in midnight inside the prison cell.

Tarsilio and Bruno joined the revolution because they wanted to avenge their father who was killed by the civil guards, and not because Ibarra had paid them as what the alferez is accusing. Seeing that he is not easily broken, the alferez ordered him to be tied down and whipped with rattan until he becomes unconscious or he talks.

After Tarsilio suffered the whipping, he was then tied upside down and dunked into a thick and slimy, foul-smelling water. Tarsillion was lowered into it several times as a means to torture him. The third time he was lowered, he died by strangling himself with his tongue.

One of the prisoners, Andong, who witnessed the torture, spoke up and was willing to confess everything. It turns out, Andong was a servant of his mother-in-law and constantly received humiliation. He was not given any food that night and so when he wandered near the barracks, he stopped and looked inside for some food. That was when the siege began.




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