Noli me Tangere Chapter 56 summary

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The following morning, the town people began speculating about the revolution that happened the night before. Sister Pute remarked that not since the days of Balat did the she see a night equal to it. Some said it was the tulisanes led by Pablo. Other said it was the cuadrilleros against the civil guards. Hence, Don Felipo was arrested including fourteen others. Another commented it was a mutiny in the barracks and led by Chinamen. Another version had Ibarra kidnapped Maria Clara and Captain Tiago and the civil guards fought him. The number of dead rose to thirty.

While they were still debating on what transpired that night, the maidservant of Sister Pute reported that a man was hanged from a santol tree. When they examined him further, they discovered that the man was Lucas.

Eventually, others began arriving at the scene. Even Elias, disguised as a rustic, went and examined the body. He noticed the seeds of amores-secos that were sticking out of his camisa. He was insulted by the directorcillo for what he was doing. With that he left and went to see the senior sacristans. He discovered that the there were also seeds of amores secos on the pants of the sacristans.

When the sacristan woke up, Elias said he’d like to order a mass for someone who’s going to die soon.




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