Noli me Tangere Chapter 4 summary

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While admiring the tranquil night, the elder Lieutenant greeted Ibarra while he was deep in thoughts. He surprised Ibarra by revealing how much he knew about the elder Ibarra. Don Raphael Ibarra was the richest man in the province. While many did like him, there were also some who despised him out of envy.

Once, there was a Spanish ex-artilleryman who was discharged from the army. Because hard labor would bring shame to their prestige, he somehow got himself a job as a tax collector. But this Spaniard was illiterate and often mocked by others. One day, he was being laugh at by some schoolboys. Enraged, he chased them and threw his cane, hitting one of them. When he caught up with the fallen schoolboy, he started beating him.

Ibarra saw the scene and interfered but one thing led to another and the artilleryman slipped and hit his head on a rock which led to his death. The authorities were quick to arrest him. He was accused of killing the artillerymen and while being tried, all sorts of accusations were made against him including being a heretic and a filibuster.

The first lawyer he went to, young A, refused to take the case and referred him to the older M. Older M defended his case well and eventually, justice prevailed but it came a little too late as Don Rafael Ibarra had died just before he was acquitted of the murder charges.

Ibarra and the Lieutenant parted ways, and Ibarra instructed the carriage to bring him to Lala’s Hotel.