Noli me Tangere Chapter 45 summary

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Elias has finally succeeded in locating Captain Pablo. In their conversation, Elias revealed he had spent fifteen days looking for him from mountain to mountain and nearly travelled the whole of two provinces. Six months ago, Captain Pablo had sheltered Elias. Back then, Pablo pitied him. But now, Elias pities him.

In their discussion, it was revealed that Pablo once was a family man with fame and fortune. However, her daughter was raped by priest. And her two sons decried his actions. As a result, the priest framed the younger one for a robbery that never took place. He was subjected to all forms of torture including being hung by his hair. When the charges were proven false, the curate was just transferred to another town.

Fearing that his elder son might exact revenge, they also arrested him for not having his cedula. He was mistreated and harass which drove him to commit suicide. Pablo confessed he was a coward then. But he is ready to take revenge.

To appease the furious old man, Elias proposed that he brings their woes to Crisostomo Ibarra. While rich, Ibarra is different because he understands the plight of the poor. Should he fail in his endeavour of bringing justice to Pablo, he shall join him and put himself under his orders. His proposition was accepted and Pablo hugged him.




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