Noli me Tangere Chapter 35 summary

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The incident involving Crisostomo Ibarra and Father Damaso at Captain Tiago’s house quick spread across town and different comments surfaced. Some said Father Damaso is dead. Other said he was involved in a fistfight with the coadjutor. The people do not agree with the priest’s actions. Don Felipo even suggested that they are always right because they allow them to be always right.

The women exchanged various opinions on Ibarra’s action, and what shame her mother would feel is she was still alive. Only Capitana Maria came to Ibarra’s defense and said it wouldn’t cause her any shame because it pleases her to see her son defend the memory of his parents. She reasoned a father’s memory is more sacred and not even the Pope may profane such memory. A son who defends his father’s memory cannot be excommunicated because God commanded honor for father and mother. She added that Ibarra would make a good son-in-law because a good son would become a good husband and father.

Other bystanders expressed disappointment and fear that the school might not be completed anymore because Father Damaso had called Ibarra a pilibustero. However, others do not understand what it mean.




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