Noli me Tangere Chapter 33 summary

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While Ibarra was changing his clothes, Elias went to see him at his home. Elias told him when they investigate the accident, Ibarra should not tell them of the warning Elias gave him for it is better that his enemies think he is unsuspecting and unprepared.

With this, Ibarra was surprise that he has enemies. Elias explained that every one has enemies, from the insect up to man, from the richest to the poorest. He learned of the plot of the yellowish man just the night before. The man had presented himself to the foreman and requested he be allowed to operate the derrick. Despite his skills, he only asked for little pay. Elias had a hunch that the man was up to no good. His instincts turned out to be true.

Ibarra wished he could have learned something more from the man but Elias reasoned had he lived, he would just have escaped the law. And so he caught eh criminal and placed him at his side where he was hit. Such was Elias wisdom that Ibarra asked him if he had ever studied. Elias answered he believes in God because he had lost faith in men.

Knowing that others still want to speak to Ibarra, Elias left and told him, he is still indebted to him.




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