Noli me Tangere Chapter 31 summary

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Father Damaso started her sermon from the second book, the ninth chapter, and the twentieth verse. Father Sibyla was surprise while Father Martin turned pale because his opening was better than his. After his salutations, he implicitly ordered to have the door closed. The alferez thought of leaving but the sermon had begun.

Speaking in Spanish, Father Damaso encouraged the people to be like Gideon, David and Roland. Seeing the alferez frown, he addressed him in his sermon. But the Filipinos did not catch what the curate is saying so they thought he was lecturing the alferez for not catching the tulisanes.

When he began preaching about patent about sin, a nervous man trembled and hid in a confessional for he thought that he carbineers were demanding the patent for the liquors which he did not have.

When Father Damaso began to preach in Tagalog, a Manilan has had enough and left in the middle of the sermon, much to the surprise of everyone including the curate. Father Damaso then preached against the lack of reverence and its consequences.

He then spoke of the earlier times when much respect was given to priests. The people then took off the hat and drop to their knees and kiss the priest’s hand. The curate went on to scare them that judgement day is coming soon and advised them on how an Indian should act when he meets a priest on the street.

The sermon was taking too long that Father Salvi had the bell rung twice but Father Damaso continued preaching for another half hour. In the middle of the mass, Elias approached Ibarra of the impending danger in the ground breaking of his school.




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