Noli me Tangere Chapter 29 summary

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At dawn, the live bands started playing music awakening the people. The bells began to chime as well. The towns’ people flocked into the streets wearing the finest clothes and brought with them their jewellery. Only Tasio the sage wore his usual clothes of camisa and loose shoes.

The teniente-mayor greeted Tasio who answered that it is a waste of money doing the festivities. Don Felipo agreed with Tasio but what can they do against gobernadorcillo and the curate. Tasio replied for him to resign but for Don Felipo, he would resign if holding office is an honor and not a burden.

Father Damaso, who preached an eloquent and profound sermon the day before, contracted a cold that night. As such, he does not want to celebrate the mass and preach the sermon. However, they realized that nobody else is as knowledgeable as Father Damaso with regards to the town of San Diego. As such, his housekeeper, tried to cure him by rubbing liniment and olive oil on his chest and neck, massaged him and wrapped him in warm clothes. The curate hardly ate anything. For the morning, he had satisfied himself with only crackers and a cup of chocolate.

The procession started at half past eight. San Diego’s float, which mantle was satin embroidered with gold, was followed by St. Francis and the Virgin. The procession was accompanied by fireworks, music and religious melodies. The procession stopped in front of Captain Tiago’s house. He was with his daughter Maria Clara, Ibarra and other Spaniards. Father Salvi, only raised his eyes and did not bother to greet them.




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