Noli me Tangere Chapter 24 summary

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Father Salvi head to the woods after celebrating mass. Upon arriving, he made his way alone and saw Maria Clara and the girls looking for the enchanted nest of the heron. She was looking for it so that she can follow Crisostomo Ibarra wherever he goes without being seen. The sight of the girls playing in the water in their bathing skirts delighted the friar. He wished to follow them further but decided to just look for the others.

The group of the alferez, the coadjutor, the gobernadorcillo, the teniente-mayor, the schoolmaster, Captain Basilio, welcome Father Salvi when he arrived. But when asked about his scratched face, he just replied he just lost his way.

The discussion during their lunch was about Father Damaso’s. He was assaulted by an unknown assailant which rendered him ill. They suspect it to be Elias, who they claim to threw the alferez into a mud hole. Both of them were passing through a narrow street and neither of them wanted to give way. The alferez tried to knock him down but Elias knocked the pony he was riding with a bamboo stick that threw off the alferez.

Their attention was distracted by Sisa who was wandering aimlessly. Their discussion turned to the missing sacristans. At the Don Felipo and Father Salvi’s argument, Ibarra shared he wishes to put Sisa under the care of a physician.

After lunch, Captain Basilio invited Ibarra to a game of chess. Should the game ends in a draw, the lawsuit was to be dropped. In the middle of their game, Ibarra received a telegram informing him that his school project has been approved. The chess match ended in a stale mate and it was decided that their case is settled.

The arrival of four civil guards and their sergeant surprised the group. They were apparently looking for Elias and accused Ibarra of harbouring a criminal and inviting him to the fiesta. Ibarra replied with disdain that he does not have to report his actions. Unable to find Elias, the civil guards left them.

The group also decided to head home as the sun was about to set.




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