Noli me Tangere Chapter 20 summary

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The town hall is where the officials of the town and its dependent villages gathered for a meeting regarding the upcoming fiesta of San Diego. The people present are grouped into the old men and the youths.

When the gobernadorcillo arrived to start the meeting, Captain Basilio, requested that he be given the floor first to propose his plans for the fiesta. Don Felipe followed him and he suggested the town spend three thousand five hundred pesos for expenses, which would include erecting a theatre, troupe of comedians from Tondo, big bombs and rockets for fireworks, and fried chickens, capons, and roast pigs to be thrown into the lake. His plans were criticized by both the liberals and the conservatives.

Captain Valentin, the most moderate of the conservatives recommended that the town invent new shows that are not common nor ordinary, and the money collected from it be use to give prizes and construct a school house. Captain Valentin’s plans were well received by both parties.

However, the gobernadorcillo informed everyone that they have to follow what the curate wishes: six processions, three sermons, three high masses, and a comedy from Tondo. Disappointed with it, the group had no choice but to obey fearing that they might be thrown in jail.




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