Noli me Tangere Chapter 1 summary

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Don Santiago de Los Santos, or more popularly known as Captain Tiago, hosted a dinner at his house on Calle Anloague. Being the hospitable man that he is, he invited people from different walks of life. There were a number of Spanish and Filipino maidens, some cadets led by an elderly lieutenant, some foreigners, the Dominican Father Sibyla, the Franciscan Father Damaso, the short man Senior Laruja, and a young man, who have just arrived four days earlier.

The young man engaged Father Damaso in discussion, and openly questioned some of his views. This surprised the Franciscan and the two continued with their lively discourse which led to Damaso criticizing the Filipinos, here referred to as Indians. For the Franciscan, the Filipinos are the most ignorant and indolent in the world, and this was seconded by Senior Laruja.

One topic led to another and not long after, it was Father’s Damaso that became the center of the discussion. The father was apparently transferred by the General to another parish because Damaso had a corpse exhumed and thrown out of the cemetery. A defiant Damaso argued with the Lieutenant, and before things got out of hand, Father Sibyla intervened and the party resumed its normal tranquillity and two men entered the room.