Noli me Tangere Chapter 15 summary

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At the height of the storm, the two brothers who Tasio was speaking to were at the second floor of the church tower. The boys, age seven and 10, are Crispin and Basilio, sacristans that were ordered by the curate to ring the bell.

Up there, the two boys were talking about the two stolen gold coins which were being blamed on Crispin. The two gold coins are worth P32.00, which are then worth 160 cuartos Crispin imagined that two gold could buy their mother an umbrella, shoes for their feet, a hat for his head, and clothes for all of them.

He then wish he stole them because he can produce what the curate is demanding, and that even if the curate beat him to death, Basilio and his mother could have at least some clothes. Basilio is also worried how their mother would react upon learning but Crispin said he will just show the welts on his back and torn pockets.

While they were still discussing, the senior sacristan appeared and ordered Basilio to stay until 10 in the evening while Crispin would not be allowed to go home until what he allegedly stole was returned. The two beg the senior sacristan to allow them to leave at eight because their mother is expecting them and they haven’t seen her for a week.

The sacristan gave no heed and dragged Crisipin to the stairway and began beating him. Basilio continued to work on the belfry and after he was done, the rain gradually stopped pouring and the sky began clearing.




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