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Noly Panaligan, komiks illustrator (Photo by Hero Panaligan, taken from The Philippine Comics Art Museum

Nolasco "Noly" Panaligan" (B. - D. June 24, 2004) is a komiks illustrator and animator who first worked on the Philippines' very first serialized comic book, Halakhak Komiks, in 1946.


Personal History

Noly Panaligan was 16 years old when he met Francisco V. Coching, who Noly believed was the Philippine's greatest komiks illustrator. Coching took Noly under his wing and he became his student.

On June 24, 2004, Noly Panaligan passed away due to heart failure.

Professional History

It was Coching who gave Noly his break by recommending him to be one of the artists on Halakhak Komiks, where Noly would write and illustrate the comic strip, Binong Lambanog.

He would continue to work on Liwayway magazine, and on other komiks titles, including Tagalog Klasiks where he wrote and drew Payaso, the serial that will eventually become considered as his masterpiece.

Noly eventually moved to advertising; he was invited by Mauro Malang-Santos to be a part-time editor and artist for Chronicle Publications. He also worked for Admakers where he won an Art Director's Club award for Ad Illustration.

Noly also dabbled in animation, where he did title and scenic illustrations for two documentaries with Lamberto Avellana, produced by Dean Alejandro Roces.

Noly was also one of the many Filipino artists who were able to break in to the American comics industry, having worked through Tony DeZuniga and Nestor Redondo to illustrate Jonah Hex, Ghosts, The Unexpected and House of Mystery for DC Comics. He also did cover art and interior art in Vampirella, Eerie and Sherlock Holmes for Warren Publications.

Chronological Listing of US Works

  • Sep/Oct 1974: Weird Western Tales (1972) #24 - 'The Point Pyrrhus Aftermath!'
  • Nov/Dec 1974: Weird Western Tales (1972) #25 - 'Showdown with the Dangling Man'
  • Feb/Mar 1975: Weird Mystery Tales (1972) #16
  • Mar/Apr 1975: Weird Western Tales (1972) #27 - 'The Meadow Springs Crusade'
  • Jul/Aug 1975: Weird Western Tales (1972) #29 - 'Breakout at Ford Charlotte'
  • November 1977: Jonah Hex (1977) #6 - 'The Lawman'
  • December 1977: Jonah Hex (1977) #7 - 'Son of the Apache'
  • Mar/Apr 1978: The Unexpected (1968) #184
  • May/Jun 1978: The Unexpected (1968) #185
  • Jul/Aug 1978: House of Mystery (1951) #259, The Unexpected (1968) #186
  • September 1978: House of Mystery (1951) #260
  • Sep/Oct 1978: The Unexpected (1968) #187
  • January 1979: House of Mystery (1951) #264
  • Jan/Feb 1979: The Unexpected (1968) #189
  • September 1981: The Unexpected (1968) #214
  • December 1981: Vampirella #101 (Cover Art)
  • January 1982: Vampirella #102 (Cover Art)
  • January 1983: Eerie #138
  • July 1989: Sherlock Holmes: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet (1989) #1
  • November 2005: Showcase Presents Jonah Hex (2005) Vol. 01
  • January 2007: Jonah Hex (2007) TPB - 'Jonah Hex'




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