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Juanito Gonzales Angus, better known as Nitoy Gonzales is the former rondalla master of the famed Bayanihan Dance Troupe under the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company. He composed the immortal Cebuano song Usahay.



Nitoy Gonzales was born on October 20, 1911 to Igmedio Angus and Candelaria Gonzales of Tudela, Camotes Island in Cebu. The fifth among seven children, Gonzales worked with his brother Condrado to play in an orchestra aboard a ship between Cebu and Manila shortly after World War II. He played the octavina in accompanying the famous Bayanihan dancers.

As a Musician

As a musician, he performed with the dance troupe in different appearances abroad like the World Exposition in Brussels, Belgium in 1957; in Seattle, Washington during the World Fair in 1962; a 60-city transcontinental tour of the US; and a three-week season at the New York State Theater in Lincoln Center.

As a Composer

Nitoy's compositions such as Usahay, Kanunay and Busay reveals his love for Philippine music has never faltered despite his exposure to foreign culture. He was acknowledged as one of the Cebuano "greats" in music by Lucia Balbuena, a music supervisor of the then Ministry of Education. He was her consultant in when she studied music in Manila.


  • Arranger

1. Atin Cu Pung Singsing
2. Ay Ay Kalisud
3. Cariñosa
4. Dandansoy
5. Kung Maging Ulila
6. Leron Leron Sinta
7. Paro-Parong Bukid
8. Sitsiritsit Alibangbang
9. Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing
10.Walang Angay

  • Filipiniana Vol.07 - Nitoy Gonzales & His Rondalla

1. Basulto
2. Kandingan
3. Sua Sua
4. Los Bailes De Ayer Part 1
5. Los Bailes De Ayer Part 2
6. Polka Tayabas
7. Ti Liday
8. Biniganbigat
9. Pantomina Part 1
10. Pantomina Part 2

  • Filipiniana Vol.08 - Nitoy Gonzales & His Rondalla

1. Polka Sa Nayon
2. Tinikling
3. Bao Dance
4. Haplik
5. Pandanggo Sa Ilaw Part 1
6. Pandanggo Sa Ilaw Part 2
7. Mazurka Valse
8. Polka Italiana
9. Dos Amigos
10. Kuratsa (Bago)
11. Escotis Version 1 & 2
12. Andaluz De Negros

  • Filipiniana Vol.09 - Nitoy Gonzales & His Rondalla

1. Sayaw Ed Tapew Na Bangko
2. Lanceros De Lingayen
3. Mazurka Val
4. Habanera De Soltera
5. Jota Pangasinana
6. Pan Pilpilalecan
7. Oasioas
8. Binoyugan
9. Binislakan
10. Pandanggo Na Tapis
11. Nilitsonan
12. Pasikat Na Baso

  • Philippine Folk Dances Vol.01 - Francisca Reyes & Nitoy Gonzales
  • Philippine Folkdances Vol.02 - Francisca Reyes & Nitoy Gonzales
  • Philippine Folkdances Vol.03 - Francisca Reyes & Nitoy Gonzales
  • Philippine Folkdances Vol.04 - Francisca Reyes & Nitoy Gonzales




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