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National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines is the official repository and custodian of the natural and cultural heritage of the Philippines. It is mandated to promote cultural awareness, a sense of pride and nationalism among Filipino citizens through its activities covering the sciences, education and culture.

Serving as a cultural center, educational and scientific institution, this government agency deals with the scientific description of specific human cultures. It is where the Filipinos and interested foreigners can view some of the historic and cultural treasures of the Philippines such as the artifacts that it preserves to honor the great people, heroes of the past. It also conducts lectures, exhibitions, interviews, as well as research programs and makes publications for students and the general public. With the research programs it conducts in anthropology and archaeology, geology and paleontology, botany and zoology, the institution maintains reference materials to promote scientific development in the country.



Established in 1901 as the Insular Museum of Ethnology, Natural History and Commerce under the Department o f Public Instruction by virtue of Act No. 284 passed by the Philippine Commission. It has been renamed and been transferred under different bureaus. Until, it was abolished and the materials, functions and activities were distributed. As implemented by the department where its mandate was given, the National Museum was reorganized in 1988, pursuant to the 1987 Constitution, with programs centered on culture and arts.

To date, the National Museum is occupying the former Finance and Tourism buildings, as well as the former Senate Chambers of the Executive House Building at P. Burgos St., Manila.


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