N. Dela Rosa Liner

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Regular Current logo, 2004-present

N. Dela Rosa Liner is one of the popular bus companies in Southern Tagalog Region owned by Rosauro Dela Rosa. This company is the sister company of Dela Rosa Transit plying Pacita-Novaliches Route.





Original logo, taken from the City Operation (Dela Rosa Transit), 1991-present
  • Get There The Safely With... (1997-2002)
  • Wala Nang Iba (2003-Present)
N. Dela Rosa Liner Hino unit was taken at Alabang Metropolis in 2007.

Notable Bus Crews

Base VII (Lucena Base)

Base V (Batangas Base)

Base II (Binan Base)

Alternate Current logo, 2004-present

Notable Bus Staff