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File:MYX TV Logo.jpg
Launched 2007


Owned by

ABS-CBN Corporation


Now You Know.


United States

Broadcast area

United States


Redwood City, California

Sister channel(s)

Cinema One Global
ANC North America


DIRECTV Channel 2067 (nationwide)
MCV channel 16 (Guam)
Cox Cable channel 479 (Orange Co., CA)
channel 464 (Northern Virginia)
RCN channel 464 (Boston, Chicago, Washington DC., New York, Philadelphia)
Comcast channel 368 (Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area)

MYX TV is the only music lifestyle channel embracing the entire Asian America community through music, culture and entertainment after AZN ceased operation. MYX TV is a nationally-distributed television channel focusing on the influential Asian American youth community and a broader audience hungry for music fusion.<ref name="Youtube">MYXTV's Channel.</ref>

It combines mainstream hits, the biggest jams of Asia, and a healthy dose of independent and Asian American music. This fills a void in television and addresses the cultural reality that youth listens to more than just mainstream music.<ref name="Youtube"/>

MYX TV is the only counterpart of myx Philippines, a popular music channel in the Philippines. ABS-CBN Global Ltd., a division of ABS-CBN Corporation launched MYX TV on DirecTV channel 2067 on February 28, 2007. It is also available on some cable systems such as Cox Communications. It is programmed and operated independently from its Philippine counterpart, catering to the Asian American youth community. After a competing channel, AZN Television, ceased operations in April 2008, MYX TV became the only nationwide channel with a primary focus on Asian Americans in the U.S.

As of 2009, it has over half a million subscribers and is now part of the Filipino On Demand service of Comcast.<ref></ref>



  • Music Bang - Asian music videos, particularly from Korea, Japan, and the Philippines
  • My Myx - Request show
  • Rockslide - Rock music videos, including Asian and independent
  • The Hook - Hip Hop and R&B music videos, including Asian and independent
  • MYX P.I. - Travel show around the Philippines, featuring Filipino music videos with lyrics
  • Loveable - Pop music videos, including K-Pop and J-Pop
  • Backspin - Classic music videos
  • Myxture - Current hits
  • Myxed Up - Music videos from different genres, eras, and countries
  • Built From Skratch - Urban hip hop lifestyle show featuring segments about fashion, music, and art
  • Long Story Short: The MYX Documentaries - Documentary series about Asian-Americans in entertainment
  • Myxology - Live performances
  • B-Sides - Alternative, indie rock lifestyle show with news on fashion and events
  • Vinyl Addiction - Vinyl toys collection
  • Visual Crunch - Making of independent music videos
  • Slanted Comedy - Stand-up comedians, particularly those of Asian and Hispanic descent
  • The Nutshack - Filipino-American animated series
  • 360VM - Car related news and entertainment
  • That's My Jam - Weekly music video countdown
  • Lexationships - Love, sex and relationship humor
  • Wall-to-Wall - Music videos from the same artist

Short form programs

  • Myxclusive - Music news and information with focus on prominent artists
  • Dig - Introduces independent and Asian artists, as well as interesting personalities from other entertainment fields such as visual arts, print, movies, and television
  • MYX on the Move - Features events

Previously aired on MYX TV

  • OMG - Five music videos from one artist
  • B2B (Back to Back) - Non-stop music videos
  • Music Mix USA


  • Amber Davis
  • Olivia Speranza
  • Joey Guila

Former Hosts



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