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Launched January 1, 2001


Owned by

ABS–CBN Broadcasting Corporation


Your Choice. Your Music.



Broadcast area



Quezon City, Philippines

Sister channel(s)

ABS-CBN News Channel
Cinema One
Lifestyle Network
Studio 23
The Filipino Channel
Kapamilya Channel
ABS-CBN Nationwide Television
DZMM TeleRadyo
Knowledge Channel


Myx Philippines official site
Myx International official site

SkyCable Channel 21
But also available in key cities across the Philippines
Cablelink Channel 8
Destiny Cable Channel TBA

myx or MYX (pronounced /miks/ as in "mix") is the music channel of ABS-CBN and #1 music channel in the Philippines. It is also a part of Studio 23's program line-up. In 2007, Myx North America was launched in the United States.

MYX Philippines is known for featuring the music videos' lyrics on-screen, allowing the viewers to sing along. This was inherited from the defunct karaoke channel VID-OK. VID-OK initially aired generic karaoke clips, but later played music videos with lyrics. <ref> MYX replaces MTV in the Philippines</ref>

MYX North America is programmed and operated independently from its Philippines counterpart, catering to the Asian-American youth community. <ref>ABS-CBN Global Launches MYX, the First Music Lifestyle Channel for Asian Americans</ref> After the competing channel, AZN, ceases operation due to financial reasons in April 2008, MYX became the only nationwide channel with a primary focus on Asian Americans in the U.S.<ref>AZN to go off air</ref>


MYX Philippines

This is the list of MYX Philippine schedules <ref> Myx Philippine Weekly Schedule courtesy of </ref>

Daily shows

  • Mellow Myx - Unwind with the coolest romantic sounds to put you in the perfect mood to chill-out and relax.
  • My Myx - Time to be in control! Viewers can send Text, Fax, E-mail to request for their favorite music videos!
  • Myx Backtrax - Features local and international videos from the 50s to the early 2000s
  • Myx Firsts - Music videos that were first seen on MYX.
  • Myx Sure Fire Hits - Non-Stop music videos for local and international.
  • Pinoy Myx - The hottest combo of Pinoy music videos from truly original to the hottest covers by Pinoy artists.
  • Pop Myx - Non-stop current hits and new releases delivered by MYX’s very own exciting VJ’s.
  • Rock Myx - Continuous feature on Rock–based music videos.
  • Myx Take 5 - 5 music videos from the same artist back-to-back!
  • Urban Myx - Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop, Rap & Soul.

Chart shows

With the exception of Mobile MYX Top Picks, votes from these chart shows are gathered all over the Philippines via SMS.

  • M.I.T. 20 (MYX International Top 20) - Weekly countdown of all the Top 20 International Music Videos. These are voted via SMS from viewers all over the Philippines.
  • Myx Mobile Top Picks - Counting down the 10 most downloaded songs of the week, as tabulated from the wide digital ringtone library of MYX Mobile! and every week MYX Mobile Top Picks showcases the newest gadgets, the latest cellphone services, and the coolest tekkie personalities! So, grab your cellphones and start downloading the hottest ringtones in the country, only from the best – MYX Mobile Top Picks! Watch it NOW!
  • Myx Daily Top 10 - The ultimate day-to-day tabulation of the Philippine's hottest hits!
  • Myx Hit Chart - Weekly compilation of all the votes gathered for the whole week on the MYX Daily Top Ten.
  • Pinoy Myx Countdown - Weekly countdown of the Top 20 local music videos.

Weekly shows

  • Asia MYX - This is the compilation of the most known Pop songs from all around Asia.
  • MYX Bandarito - A 30 minute weekly feature on stripped-down/acoustic performances from new and unsigned local bands.
  • MYX Live! - A live performance format show featuring a wide range of artists. Hosted by Jett Pangan of The Dawn.
  • MYX Presents - Concerts, documentaries and locally produced specials.
  • MYX Tugtugan- The show features a band teaching the basic chords of their famous song. By the end of an episode, viewers should have learned to play at least a few verses of the song featured. Currently hosted by Sandwich's vocalist, Raimund Marasigan.
  • MYX Versions - Back-To-Back feature of the various versions of selected hit songs
  • MYX Wer U At? - Using teenagers’ slang way of saying “Where Are You Now?”, Wer U At? is a show that talks about the best hangout places, bars, shops, salons - All places that teenagers frequent. The show is basically a tour on hotspots.
  • MYXposed - A clear-cut-straight-to-the-point, once-a-month documentary program (every last Tuesday of the month at 10:30 p.m.)
  • Radio MYX - Showcase of FM Radio stations in the Philippines. Hosted by your favortie radio DJ’s.
  • Star MYX - Featured artist’s Top 5 picks.

MYX Specials


  • MYXclusive - available on MYX Live, MYX Tugtugan and other MYX Specials.
  • MYX Premiere - upcoming music videos for local/international artist

Previously aired on MYX

  • Beat U.K.
  • Cyber MYX
  • Dance MYX (renamed Club MYX)
  • Dyan Banda
  • Late Night MYX
  • Later... with Jools Holland
  • Morning MYX (renamed Myxilog)
  • MYX Halo-Halo
  • MYX News
  • MYX Remakes (renamed MYX Versions)
  • MYX Sampler
  • MYX Suburbia (renamed Urban MYX)
  • MYXilog
  • MYXtreme
  • OPM MYX (renamed Pinoy Myx)
  • OPM MYX Countdown (renamed Pinoy MYX Countdown)
  • Planet Rock Profiles
  • Pop My MYX
  • Rhum on the Rock
  • Tanduay's First Five
  • Top of the Pops
  • World MYX

MYX Music Awards

Further information: Myx Music Awards


Current VJ's

Current Hosts

Former VJ's and Hosts

MYX Celebrity VJs








Myx North America

Main article: myx north america

MYX Compilations CDs

  • Rock MYX (EMI Music Philippines, 2002)
  • Club MYX (EMI Music Philippines, 2006)

Myx Publications

  • Myx Magazine- A bi-monthly entertainment music magazine from ABS-CBN Publishing was launched in October 2006.

Current Myx Mag

Past Myx Mag


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