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Museum of Filipino Culture The Museo ng Buhay Pilipino (Museum of Philippine Life) was the first lifestyle museum in the Philippines aimed to define and preserve the traditional heritage of the lowland Christian Filipino, which includes Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Pangasinense, Pampangueños, Cebuanos, Ilonggos, Warays, and Bicolanos.

The display contains tools, furniture, and traditional dresses used by the Christian Filipinos and artifacts simulating a vintage setting that depicts the nineteenth century "ilustrado" lifestyle in the lowlands.

The corporate museum has a collection of furniture, jewelry, implements, religious images, and other objects and attire representative of the traditional lifestyle of the so-called "Lowland Christian groups."

The "Bahay Tisa" of the Nayong Pilipino is the present repository of the artifacts collection of the "Museo ng Buhay Pilipino." Here may be found some of the finest creations by Filipino craftsmen through the ages showcased in a wood or capiz residence, among which are: old interior furniture and furnishings, farm tools and implements, cane-woven furnitures, towering wooden cabinets, pillow racks and four-poster beds costumes and carriages of yesteryears. The collection is open to the public for viewing.

It is located in the Central Bank Mint Building, East Avenue, Q.C. (across the Philippine Heart Center).




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