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Map showing major volcanoes of the Philippines.

Kanlaon Volcano, or Mount Kanlaon (also spelled Canlaon), is a stratovolcano on Negros island in the Philippines. It is found between the provinces of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental in the Visayas region (10°24.7'N, 123°7.9'E), approximately 36 km southeast of Bacolod City.


Physical features

Kanlaon has an elevation of 2,435 meters and a base diameter of 30 km and is dotted with pyroclastic cones and craters. The summit of Kanlaon contains a broad elongated northern caldera with a crater lake. A smaller but more active crater lies in the south.

The volcano has three hot springs on its slopes: Mambucal Hot Springs on the northwest, Bucalan Hot Spring, Bungol Hot Spring. Its adjacent volcanic edifices are Mt. Silay and Mt. Mandalagan, north of Kanlaon.

Laon is the name of an ancient Hiligaynon goddess. During pre-Hispanic times, the natives worshiped her as their Supreme Ruler. Kanlaon is derived from the old Visayan words ka which means for and Laon. The mountain is said to be where Laon made his presence to the people.

In ancient times, native priests (babaylan) would climb up the mountain and do rituals every good harvest season or when there is a special ceremony. They would also offer gifts as a sign of respect. Canlaon City now stands beside the mountain.


The most active volcano in central Philippines, Kanlaon has erupted 25 times since 1886. Eruptions are typically phreatic explosions of small-to-moderate size that produce minor ashfalls near the volcano.

On August 10, 1996, Kanlaon erupted without warning, killing British student Julian Green and Filipinos Noel Tragico and Neil Perez, who were among 24 mountain climbers who were trapped near the summit. The authorities rescued the 17 others, including 10 Belgians, another Briton and six Filipinos. The 17 were identified as Belgians Frederick Carraso, Philipp Couche, Caroline La Grange, Sophie La Benne, Darmien Gaitan, David Ryckaert, Florence De Corte, Jean Francois Ossengeld, Caroline Verlinde and Delthme Ferrant, Briton Gordon Cole and Filipinos Pepito Ibrado, Wovi Villanueva and Albert Devarras.

One of the Belgians, Caroline Verlinde, said she and her group were about to leave a site near the crater rim when the eruption began. "Suddenly it ejected ash and stones. I ran to a tree for cover and saw my friends being hit by falling stones," she told journalists. She said their Filipino guide told them the smoke billowing out from the crater "was just ordinary."

Kanlaon is one of the 22 active volcanoes in the Philippines. The 21 others are Babuyan Claro, Banahaw, Biliran, Bud Dajo, Mount Bulusan, Cagua, Camiguin de Babuyanes, Didicas, Hibok-Hibok, Iraya, Mount Iriga, Leonard Kniaseff, Makaturing, Matutum, Mayon, Musuan, Mount Parker (Cotabato), Pinatubo, Ragang, Smith Volcano, Taal. They are all part of the so-called "Pacific ring of fire." It is a favorite spot for mountain climbers and is surrounded by the Mt. Kanlaon National Park.

On June 3, 2006, Kanlaon again started restiveness and spewed steam and ash. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) raised Alert Level 1 (mild restiveness) on June 12, 2006.

Mount Kanlaon is also a home of different species of ferns , lichens and orchids and bunked by copious species of tropical birds.

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