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Mount Hamiguitan is located in Davao Oriental and has a summit elevation of 1,620m or 5,314 feet. Its vicinity holds one of the most diverse wildlife population in the Philippines. The Philippine Eagle and the Nepenthes peltata are endemic to the area. The mountain also has a pygmy forest of century old trees and rare species of flora and fauna.

In 2003, the range was declared as a national park and known as the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 6,834 hectares (68.34 km2). The provincial officials of Davao Oriental is also seeking to list the park as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Endemic Plants and Animals

  • Leptospermum flavescens
  • Wendlandia nervosa
  • Tristaniopsis micrantha
  • Dacrydium elatum
  • Calophyllum blancoi
  • Symplocos polyandra
  • Almaciga (Agathis philippinensis)
  • Elaeocarpus verticillatus
  • Patersonia lowii
  • Astronia lagunensis
  • Nepenthes argentii
  • Nepenthes mira
  • Nepenthes maxima
  • Nepenthes peltata
  • Schizaea inopinata
  • Schizaea malaccana
  • Paphiopedilum ciliolare
  • Dipodium paludosum
  • Dendrochilum longilabre
  • Dendrochilum tenellum
  • Macodes petola
  • Coelogyne chloroptera
  • Gleichennia hirta
  • Drimys piperita
  • Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
  • Giant Golden-crowned Flying Fox (Acerodon jubatus)
  • Philippine Forest Roundleaf Bat (Hipposideros obscurus)
  • Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta)
  • Philippine Warty Pig (Sus philippinensis)
  • Philippine Brown Deer (Cervus mariannus)
  • Fischer's Pygmy Fruit Bat (Haplonycteris fischeri)
  • Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)
  • Tawitawi Brown-dove (Phapitreron cinereiceps)
  • Tarictic Hornbill (Pinelopides panini)
  • Grey-hooded Sunbird (Aethopyga primigenius)
  • Giant Scops-owl or Mindanao Eagle-owl (Mimizuku gurneyi)


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