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Mohan Gumatay, with the radio name of Mo Twister is a controversial radio DJ personality in the Philippines.

All he wanted was “pocket money for school”. Instead, the then-teenager studying at De La Salle University's "sideline job" became much more. He was everywhere; on television, starring in commercials, appearing print ads and billboards, making notable appearances in movies, and even landing a recording contract. This quickly turned him into a household name. His extremely unconventional philosophies were seldom heard or seen in the Philippines.

What some perceive as careless is really just a testament to Mo’s free-spirited, loud, "Mr. Brightside" persona. A deadly combination of wit and a brutal sense of humor gave birth to the successful "Early Returns Countdown" radio show on Magic 89.9. With Miles, his long-time on-air partner, he defined a new trend in the realm of radio that gave birth to a following that rivaled the most deranged of cults.

In 2002, Mo decided to leave the hustle and bustle of showbiz to pursue his education in the United States of America. He stayed there for quite a number of years alongside girlfriend Janette McBride.

However, he returned to Manila in 2006 and almost immediately returned to being a DJ, this time hosting the morning show Good Times with Mo with Andi-9 and Mojo Jojo. A few months later, he moved to the evening slot, but was granted to do morning

He was touted as "controversial" because of the weekly "Forbidden Questions" segment in which he asks 40 personal/intimate/provocative questions to a celebrity guest.

Due to conflicts with ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos, Mo decided to move to the US last November 2011. However, he has moved back to the Philippines by December 2011 to face issues of abortion and video-leaking.

On 9 May 2012, Gumatay, along with fellow DJs Tin Gamboa (Suzy) and Mia Bayuga were handed a two-week suspension by the Magic 89.9 management after a prank that subjects international pop star Charice.

In 29 July 2013, Mo Twister meted a suspension again after discussing a very sensitive topic with Gamboa in his morning show. Magic 89.9 management banned him from work for five months.

He also had series of disputes in his radio show Good Times. In June 2007, Mo got entangled in a rift with Maui Taylor. On 30 July 2015, an on-air discussion between him and Mikey Bustos blew off, leading to the latter's resignation.



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