Military Order of the Carabao

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Military Order of the Carabao medal.

The Military Order of the Carabao is a unique, exclusive, semi-secret social organization formed by the U.S. military service men during the Philippine Insurrection.


Brief History

The society was founded in 1900 by the U.S. military officers stationed in the Philippines. It was founded to ridicule with satire the very pompous Order of the Dragon, which was founded by those who defeated the very short-lived Boxer uprising in China.

Initially it was a joke that transformed into a camaraderie among the members since each believed that the armed forces who faced the dangers and privations of extensive military service far from home should look after each other in order to uplift their morale during battle.

The order was named after the domesticated water buffalo used by the Filipino farmers in the Philippines, and the members were called "the herd" and the individual members are called the "bulls".


Monthly Luncheons

There were six luncheons held each year, which was very important to the vitality of the order. Members who usually attend this gathering were the traditional persons of perception, and those who participated in the military view point of the current events significant to the national interest. This is held at the Army and Navy Club, which can accommodate 120 guests for lunch. It is a first-come-first served basis, all other guests who cannot be accommodated by the limited seating capacity will be served in the adjacent dining room.

The Carabao Wallow

Annually the order sponsored a social event. This was a black-tie, military dressed affair attended by people from the U.S. military, U.S. government, and military-associated corporations. The highlight of the event was a performance from the members of the Order, usually, prepared skits that poke fun at issues and current events both national and international.




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