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Mga Batikan is an action-adventure komiks novel written by Francisco V. Coching and illustrated by Federico C. Javinal. It was serialized in Liwayway in 1964 and adapted into a film in the same year. It tells the story of Elmo who is trying to find his father's killer and who defeats former guerrillas and bandits in the town of San Isidro.



Elmo comes back to San Isidro to find the killer of his father. He discovers that remnants of former guerrillas against the Japanese and bandits, collectively known as “batikan” are spreading chaos and fear in the town. However, he defeats everyone who challenges him to duel.

When Elmo arrives at the mayor's house, he finds the mayor wounded and discovers that Brunong Pusakal has taken Mina, the mayor's daughter, captive. He attacks Brunong Pusakal's hideout and discovers the identity of his father's killer. He kills Bruno, brings peace to the town, and lives happily ever after with Mina.


Mga Batikan was serialized in the pages of Liwayway in 1964 and adapted into film by People's Pictures in the same year. The film was directed by Danilo H. Santiago and starred Eddie Fernandez, Carlos Salazar, Maggie dela Riva, Lito Anzures, Celia Rodriguez, and Lauro Delgado.




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