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           Mater Carmeli School is administered by the Carmelite Missionaries, a congregation of women founded on February 1861 in Barcelona, Spain through a unique experience of the mystery of the Church by the Discalced Carmelite priest, Fr. Francisco Palau y Quer. Fr. Palau was beatified by Pope John Paul II on April 24, 1988.
           At present, Carmelite Missionaries of different nationalities spread all over Africa, Asia, Europe and South Africa. These zealous daughters of Blessed Francisco Palau have widened their tents in 36 countries to answer the call and the challenge to go “Ad Gentes”, to share the Good News to other nations. They bring the messageof hope and love to the world of today through: Christian education, health care, socio-pastoral work, campus and youth ministry, guidance and counseling, promotion of spiritual life, care of children and the handicapped, catechesis and missions.
       The Spanish Carmelite Missionaries came to the Philippines in 1956 to expand their apostolate starting in Iloilo in the summer of 1960; they took control of St Joseph Kindergarten School located at 272 D. Tuazon Avenue, Quezon City. At that time, the school was administered by a group of catechist under Sr. Fatima and supported by Mrs. Mariquit Lopez, wife of former Vice-President Fernando Lopez. The civic-minded members of the community have helped in its expansion.   

   In line with its expansion program, a permit for the conversion of St. Joseph Kindergarten School to Elementary School was obtained with the assistance of Atty. Angelita Chipeco. Mr. Anselmo Aguilling, a civic leader in the community, initiated the solicitation of funds from generous benefactos of the school used in the construction of one storey building.
           In June of 1960, Carmelite Missionaries sisters administered the school with Sr. Natividad Martinez, C.M. as the Directress and St. Lourdes Antonia Andres, C.M. as the School Principal. The school began with forty five people in kindergarten under Sr. Lucy Antoja, C.M.; eighteen in Grade I with Sr. Ma Dolores S. Buot, C.M.; and seven in Grade II under Sr. Lourdes Antonia Andres, C.M.
           On August 11, 1960, the Regional Superintendent of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) approved the change of the school name into “Escuela de Nuestra Senora de Lourdes”. It gained Government Recognition No 276 on June 12, 1961. By the school year 1962-63, Sr. Aurora Prado Biurrum was the Directress.
           As the years went by, the school population increased. However, there was confusion regarding correspondence. Lourdes School in Retiro, La Loma Quezon City oftentimes received the communication intended for the school and vice-versa. On April 2, 1964, the school obtained the name MATER CARMELI SCHOOL. 

           Today, Mater Carmeli School, D. Tuazon Avenue Quezon City continues to survive as the responds to the challenges of the sings of the times. The active participation of the Parents’ Council, faculty and non-teaching staff, move her to be true and faithful to its vision-mission. The challenge to give quality to education remains as to impelling force.


1960 - 1965 Sr. Lourdes Antonia Andres, C.M. 1965 - 1968 Sr. Veronica Cline, C.M. 1968 - 1969 Sr. Lucy Antoja, C.M. 1969 - 1973 Sr. Ma. Dolores S. Buot, C.M. (+) 1973 - 1978 Sr. Evelyn Tingson, C.M. 1978 - 1979 Sr. Primitiva Sombredo, C.M. 1979 - 1980 Sr. Lydia Lillia Ramos, C.M. 1980 - 1988 Sr. Lourdes Antonia Andres, C.M. 1988 - 1995 Sr. Peronita P. Lilac, C.M. 1995 - 1996 Sr. Gerlita T. Tacuyan, C.M.

            Sr. Terisita Sindac, C.M. (OIC from June to September)

1996 - 1997 Sr. Lydia Lilla C. Ramos, C.M. 1997 - 2001 Sr. Ma. Corazon T. Lobo, C.M. 2001 - 2002 Sr. Lourdes B. Dizon, C.M.

            Sr. Emily Corazon H. Bacani, C.M. (OIC)

2002 - 2006 Sr. Emily Corazon H. Bacani, C.M. 2006 - 2009 Sr. Berna B. Bascal, C.M. 2009-present Sr. Lourdes B. Dizon, C.M.

            Sr. Nieves V. Montorozo, C.M. (OIC)