Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez Wedding

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Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez Wedding

Their titles as Concert King and Concert Queen were enough to render theirs a fairy- tale wedding.

Martin and Pops met while sharing hosting duties for the iconic TV variety show, Penthouse Live! Both were rising stars during the ‘80s and their ability to draw huge crowds during concerts made them a certified sensation as a duo and as teen idols of their generation. Banking on the strength of their pairing and strong following, Penthouse Live! was soon replaced by a show titled Martin and Pops Twogether.

The pair got married in June 1986 with much hoopla and fanfare. Their wedding was even featured as a bonus attraction in their post-wedding film, Now and Forever.

Pops and Martin remained a strong team to beat on stage as they held on even more to their title as the country’s concert royalty. Re-living their role in Penthouse Live! and Martin and Pops Twogether, they were tapped by ABS-CBN in 1995 to host its new Sunday variety show program, ASAP.

It was in 1996 when the perceived perfect marriage started showing some cracks, though everything was written as blind item reports by a few entertainment reporters who were aware at that time of their domestic woes.

Even that early, the name of a certain Katrina Ojeda was already surfacing as Martin’s alleged girlfriend, and according to reports she was the main reason the marriage of Pops and Martin was in peril.

The internal problems of the marriage eventually became public knowledge and the two separated under strained conditions. Who could ever forget Martin’s heartfelt singing in ASAP that was reportedly dedicated to ex-wife Pops even before the separation officially came out.

The annulment of the marriage was officially handed down in year 2000. Immediately after the court ruling, Martin sent entertainment columnist Ricky Lo the following message.

“I truly hope and pray that now that it’s finished, we should bury the past. If ever somebody we’d talk about what happened, let’s hope that it would be without pain, without tears; maybe we could even laugh about it. Sana no more hurting, no more blaming nor fault-finding. What happened is the best for everybody concerned. Let it be.”

At present, the estranged couple have moved on with their respective lives and are now publicly involved with their new partners. Martin’s longtime girlfriend, Katrina Ojeda recently gave birth to their son Santino, while Pops is into a relationship with actor Jomari Yllana.



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