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Marikina High School (MHS) provides secondary education to the graduates of the seventeen elementary school in Marikina and nearby towns like Antipolo, San Mateo, Montalban and Cainta. It was established in July 18, 1977, through Executive No. 5-77, under the administration of Metro Manila Governor Imelda Romualdez Marcos.



In the absence of a permanent location and facilities, classes were temporarily held at Marikina Elementary Schools: Leodegario Victorino Elementary School, Calumpang Elementary School, Parang Elementary School and Sto,Nino Elementary School. These elementary schools had their own respective Teacher-in-Charge from the Division of Quezon City. After considering several sites for the home of Marikina High School, a lot in Concepcion Uno became the school's official site and there it stayed for more than two decades. MHS saw significant developments from 1978 to 2000, including but not limited to improvements to the school's facilities. The school was composed of the Concepcion, Parang, Calumpang, Tanong, and Sta. Elena Annexes, each handled by different school officers. In 1983-84, Parang Annex was merged with the Concepcion Annex which became the main school. By the school year 2000-2001, however, MHS faced another problem: its roster of 247 teachers was simply not enough for its 7,768 students. Keeping the quality of education in mind, Marikina Mayor Maria Fourdes C. Fernando considered transferring the school, and finally, in September 11, 2001, Marikina High School was transferred at F. Torres St., Concepcion I, Marikina City, now its permanent site. The new site was originally a part of Concepcion Elementary School. The Concepcion Extension was merged with the main school, and thus, two annexes emerged: the Marikina Heights and Tanong Annexes with Mrs. Mary L. Dongon and Mrs. Nelly C.Conde as their respective Head Teacher-in-Charge. Later, MHS launched the “Open High School” program, which caters to stidents who cannot go to school on a daily basis.

Vision and Mission

Marikina High School's vision is to become the division's premiere school capable of utilizing modern educational technology for meaningful instructions towards academic excellence, continuously developing well rounded learners equipped with social and life skills needed for work and everyday living. It aims to provide quality basic education and to develop learners who are disciplined, excellent, and with good taste; capable of coping with challenges in technology and in the demands of the society and to develop academically and morally competent teachers imbued with the highest standards of values and virtues.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Science Laboratory
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Computerized Bundy Clock
  • DVD speaker
  • Cashier/Head Teacher Room
  • Registrar's/Edutrends Room
  • DPWH(Candazo Bldg.), AVR Room and Bagong Lipunan


Affiliated Marikina Public Schools

  • Sta. Elena High School
  • Tanong High School
  • Marikina Heights High School
  • Concepcion High School
  • Concepcion Integrated (HS DPT)
  • Parang High School
  • Marikina Science High School

Affiliated Groups


Marikina High School is located at F. Torres St., Concepcion I, Marikina City, between the Regional Educational Learning Center (RELC) and Concepcion Elementary School.




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