Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio Vieyra

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Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio Vieyra

Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio, Archbishop of Manila, Philippines (1758-1764)
Born September 24, 1708
Tula, Mexico
Died January 30, 1764
Manila, Philipines

Manuel Antonio Rojo del Rio Vieyra was the 14th Archbishop of Manila from December 19, 1757 to January 30, 1764.


As Archbishop of Manila

A native of Tula, Mexico, Rojo was appointed archbishop of Manila on December 19, 1757 and arrived in Manila on July 22, 1759. He attempted to usurped the government from Miguel Lino de Ezpeleta, bishop of Cebu and acting Governor-General at that time. On July 1761, the King's order arrived and Rojo consolidated authority as Governor-General. He quickly erased the allegations against Santiago Orendain, a staff member of former Governor-General Pedro de Arandia Santisteban.

Seven Years War

During the Seven Years War, Manila was conquered by the British Naval Forces on October 1762. When Rojo surrendered Manila, he was accused as a coward. Still, he was allowed to remain as Governor-General, but later became hostage by the British until his death on January 30, 1764. He was given a military burial.


  • The Philippines had three different Governor-General during the Seven Years War. Manuel Antonio Rojo was the official Governor-General, Lt. Gen. Dawson Drake was the Governor-General during the British Occupation of Manila, and Simón de Anda y Salazar was the Governor-General of the Provisional Government in Bacolor], Pampanga.

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