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The Manila Yacht Club, considered to be a social and sporting Mecca, is a members only club. Most of the sailing in Manila is based in MYC. It remains today as the country's premiere yacht club, owing to its strong reputation and rich historic past. The Club became a yachting hub in Southeast Asia committed to the promotion of sailing as a sport.


The racing season of the Club runs from September through May each year. One of its main events is the President's Cup Regatta which is held usually after Easter. This eagerly anticipated event began in 1993 as the Philippine Easter Regatta. It came to be known as it is today when then President Fidel V. Ramos requested the Manila Yacht Club to hold an international regatta during the APEC Summit held in the country in 1997. From then on, the event was renamed as the President's Cup Regatta.

It is a well-publicized and enjoyable sailing competition that gives the Club the opportunity to welcome overseas sailors to our shores and for our local yachtsmen to compete against world-class competitors.

The Manila Yacht Club also co-organizes and its members join other major international and Philippine yacht racing events. This includes the China Sea Race began by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in 1962. The other Asian regattas that MYC sailors join include the King's Cup of Thailand and Rajah Muda of Singapore.



Through the efforts and the passion for sailing of five devoted yachtsmen namely: James C. Rockwell, Joseph A. Thomas, Aubrey P. Ames, Stewart E. Tait and A.S. Heyward, the first by-laws of the Club were signed on January 20, 1927. The Club was established to encourage and develop boating throughout the country, as well as to put enthusiasts in touch and develop fair play, camaraderie and good sportsmanship among its members.

With its rich history of 75 years, there is no doubt that the Club also went through a lot of rough sailing in the past. The pleasure of sailing was stopped in December 1941 when WWII erupted. The Americans confiscated the boats docked at the MYC basin for fear that the Japanese soldiers might use them to launch an attack on Corregidor. The boats were sunk and others were set on fire. Sailing then came to a complete close down from 1941-1945 when the Americans arrived to liberate Manila. The US Army occupied the Club and in March 1947, MYC was able to secure the property where it stands today. Women also started to become members of the Club during that time.


In the 1950's, the primary consideration of the Club for one to be able to join is that the person should really have the passion and love for sailing. Back then, the Board of Directors would go on a secret voting to decide whether or not to accept one as a member.


The Club began to join some international sailing competitions in the 1960's. The Philippines was the first Asian country to participate in the Olympics yachting events. Also during that time, eighty percent of club membership was composed of Americans and other expatriates.

In the 70's, expat membership declined and they began to leave the country due to the dictatorship of the Martial Law years. Membership picked up again during the mid-80's until the early 90's. But sailing went down in 1995 because of the Asian Economic Crisis.

Since the Philippines is considered to be prone to typhoons and devastating storms, the boat owners had problems in maintenance and safety of their yachts. The solution came about in 1998 when the height of the seawall was increased to protect the boats anchored at the basin of the Manila Yacht Club. The following year, another major project materialized with the launching of the floating berths which serves as a place of protection for the boats in the basin. From then on, maintenance and accessibility became easier.

In 1998, the Club became a proprietary corporation when members became shareholders. A member can sell his share or pass it on to his heirs.

The Manila Yacht Club is affiliated with the Philippine Sailing Association and aims to race competitively in local and international sailing events.


Club Dining

Birthday Bash !!!

Every last Thursday of the Month we will be having Birthday Celebrations in the Club with live entertainment and a bottle of wine for the member celebrant free of charge when they celebrate their birth month at the Club.

Barbecue Specials

Come and bring back your Friday Club and have a taste of our Barbecue Specials:


Baby Back Ribs
Rib Steak
Beef Kebab


Java Rice
Baked Potato
Plain Rice
Mashed Potato
Buttered Vegetables

*Plus Salad Buffet

Visiting Yachts

Visiting yachtsmen and their crews are welcome to the Club. The Manila Yacht Club is situated within a closed basin bound on the north and west with a breakwater. Visiting yachts up to 60-feet may be moored inside the basin, subject to the availability of a free mooring buoy. Yachts above this length should anchor outside the basin. Upon arrival, visitors should register with the Administration Office and introduce themselves to the Club officers.