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  • A tubular dress in royal colors
  • Worn by Maranaw men and women of royal status
  • Philippine cultural minorities weave and decorate textiles and clothing
  • It is an major expression of their decorative art
  • Most textiles are used as apparel, some simply by wrapping a piece of cloth around the body some by stitching parts together to make a blouse
  • Strips woven in 'kelim' technique, cotton, with floral and geometric motifs
  • Designs usually show the sun and star
  • Motifs come in different colours
  • The materials are cotton and yellow silk
  • The malong is decoarted with finely woven langkit
  • Malong is a major source of the Philippine Muslim ethnic pride
  • It is mainly worn as a skirt but can also be used a head-piece, shawl or mantel
  • Dimensions: Length: 166 cm., width: 170cm. (round)
  • Ethnic group: Maranaw of Mindanao




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