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The history of Malabon Zoo began on a hunting trip in the tropical rainforest in Mindoro 41 years ago. He, Manny Tangco, the owner of Malabon Zoo was 5 years old at that time.

Manny together with his family went on a trip to explore the beauty of the environment and the lives of the animals, he loves animals and he hates people who hurt those them. In the middle of their trip, they saw illegal loggers destroying the forest. This activity made it impossible for the animals to live and survive. The wonderful forest turned into an abandoned one, the loggers perform kaingin (burning an area in the forest) continuously to be use for commercial purposes. At a very young age reality faced him, and he realized that there are people who didn’t care for the animals; they do all the things for their sake. During night the forests seems hell because of the smog due to kaingin.

The story behind Noah’s arc comes to his mind and inspire him, he promised himself that he will never do what illegal loggers do, in fact he will construct a somewhat arc and the animals will be put there to be free from those rock-hearted people.

He became an Administrator of the World Insurance Bank and became very successful. There came a time and he realized that is not the right field for him, the stories of the environmentalists inspire him so he decided to resign in the Corporate World and concentrated in the first hand experience. He wants to inculcate the students to become environmentalists and to love other living things as what he did. From his small garden he developed and improved it that later became the Malabon City attraction, the Malabon Zoo. From simple beginning and love to animals he achieved both fame and happiness in saving the animals from harmful people.




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