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Magna Kultura Foundation is a non-profit organization education-for-development NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs at the grassroots of society; supporting civic groups and organizations with social entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to improve the well-being Filipino citizens and communities. The foundation was established on June 2, 2003 by Dickie Aguado, a social and cultural entrepreneur who has pioneered grassroots programs in the Philippines.

Magna Kultura Foundation is currently developing educational and cultural programs in schools and communities in the Philippines. At the same time, the foundation is also conducting social entrepreneurial programs aimed at increasing participation and membership of youth leaders in Barangays and increasing the stake of grassroots communities in community development by building capacities and enhancement of livelihood skills.

Magna Kultura Foundation is actively involved in social entrepreneurship programs and livelihood projects. Magna Kultura Foundation has been organizing educational seminar-workshops for Sari-sari stores in the Philippine designed to educate retail store owners and store-keepers with basic business skills.

All programs implemented by Magna Kultura are social and cultural entrepreneurship endeavors, in the sense that the Foundation implements arts and educational projects allied with livelihood projects that benefit citizens where it is implemented. The Foundation trains local advocates and builds an ecosystem for transformation with sustainable economic viability. As example: while implementing cultural programs like Larong Pinoy or theatre arts, the Foundation rallies local Sari-sari stores and food vendors to conduct livelihood selling activities alongside with the projects. In this sense, community folks does not only receive educational values and culturally enriching experiences, but gain livelihood opportunities that are significant to citizens.



Magna Kultura Foundation envisions itself to be a proponent of educational and cultural programs, dedicated to the development of Filipino citizens. with volunteers committed to service of civil society.


  • To create opportunities for arts advocates and stakeholders of development to help find new and complementary ways to work together to improve communities.
  • To bring a creative and participatory approach to development-related issues by using arts and culture in addressing community development goals.
  • To increase opportunities where the organization can use art in any form (performing and fine arts) to tackle development challenges while transforming fellow-citizens into more socially conscious, tolerant, responsible, and creatively active groups of people.
  • To use arts and culture to invite grassroots people's participation in social development.

Magna Kultura Foundation aims to provide access to quality and relevant alternative education programs through formal, non-formal and informal channels. It shall develop in young Filipinos including disadvantaged groups and children with special needs and in extremely difficult circumstances the knowledge, habits, skills and attitudes for active and successful participation in the economic, socio-cultural, spiritual and moral life in a just and humane society.

Cultural and Socio-Civic Operations

  • Arts Training as capacity-building tool to prepare for citizens (students, out-of-school youth and adults) in launching cultural programs and social enterprise activities in communities;
  • Development of social marketing, social mobilization and community engagement programs aimed at triggering active and sustained grassroots participation in community development and social enterprise-building projects;
  • Organization development among sector, civic and community groups for community development, livelihood and social enterprise;
  • Networking and partnership development assistance for community organizations;
  • Development of grassroots communication platforms and vehicles for social transformation.

Community-Driven Development

Magna Kultura Foundation's programs are responsive to the needs of the community, by promoting educational projects that will enhance the quality of life in the community and the folks living around them. The foundation aims to provide access to quality and relevant alternative education programs through formal, non-formal and informal channels. The organization develops educational, cultural and livelihood training among youth and adults, both privileged and under-privileged. Customized training programs that are geared towards community development. Magna Kultura works with local volunteers and citizens in implementing programs as a strategy to build capacity and ensure program continuity in urban and rural Philippines.

Since Y2003, Magna Kultura has been establishing community-based action teams composed of locally based citizens who manages implementation and sustainability of the foundation's programs. Magna Kultura Foundation equips individuals and local associations with the professional and technical skills necessary to enable them to conduct educational and cultural programs in their district-barangays. The foundation freely provides skills and technology, materials and resources needed to properly implement and sustain its programs.

The foundation also works in alliance with local barangay leaders and academe-based groups, including the Department of Education (DepEd), in the development and implementation of educational and cultural programs, for effective understanding of the needs of local folks in specified areas. The foundation partner with Government Organizations (GOs) and Non-Government Organizations with the same goals for improving the welfare of community folks in target areas of operations.

Magna Kultura is committed to helping Filipino citizens understand, appreciate, nurture and develop our national culture and having done so, draw from it learning’s about our good and time-honored Filipino values. In its quest, Magna Kultura is determined to help Filipino citizens become responsible and enlightened citizens, proud of the rich heritage of a truly Filipino culture, yet always cognizant and appreciative of the need to understand the cultures of other peoples as well.


  • Laking Pinoy is a Magna Kultura's program to build capacity of people and communities for managing art and culture activities. Programs are designed to enable local community folks to embark on cultural activities that would enrich the lives of youth and adults.
  • Larong Pinoy is a Magna Kultura Foundation's program which seeks to encourage healthy outdoor activities at the grassroots through the reintroduction of traditional Pinoy games. Larong Pinoy is a way of advocating among the new generation of Filipino youth: 1st - Filipino Nationalism: for the youth to imbibe a sense of Nationalism and Pride in things that are Filipino; 2nd - Family Bonding: to build a bridge of closeness among parents and children; and, 3rd - To Enliven Communities: to bring back the fun in neighborhoods providing children with meaningful play activities.

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