Maganda pa ang Daigdig

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Maganda pa ang Daigdig, book cover

Maganda pa ang Daigdig is a novel written by Lazaro Francisco which first appeared as a serial in Liwayway Magazine in 1955 and then published as a book in 1982. It is the story of Lino, a farmer's son, who goes through many trials due to the problems of land and tenancy in the countryside.



  • Lino Rivera
  • Luring
  • Padre Amando
  • Bb. Sanchez
  • Kumander Hantik


Lino Rivera is the son of a farmer, and he has seen the plight of farmers due to the problems of tenancy. He marries Ms. Sanchez and they have a son named Ernesto. His wife is raped by the Japanese soldiers during World War 2 and commits suicide. Lino meets Luring in Manila and he takes her to his town in Pinyahan where she meets Ernesto.

Kumander Hantik invites Lino to join the Huks in fighting for land and social justice. Lino declines, however. Due to misunderstanding, he is arrested and imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. He escapes afterwards together with other prisoners. He becomes a fugitive but later joins the group of Don Tito, a rich haciendero. He ends up fighting Kumander Hantik and the Huks. After Padre Amando and other people convince Lino to stop fighting, he is also proven innocent of the crime he was once accused.

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