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Lyd Arguilla (Lydia Cendron Villanueva-Arguilla) started painting in 1950. Her major output consisted mostly of oils, but she also created outstanding watercolors. She showed her concern with capturing a Filipino essence in abstract or stylized forms and using earth colors particularly in the complexion of human figures. She also adopted the use of a narrow, tilted space that enhanced the filled-up effect of the composition the artists desired.



Lydia villanueva y Cedron was born on 3 Aug 1914. She was married to Manuel Arguilla , a fictionist who died during World War II. She completed journalism at the University of the Philippines. She affiliated with the Veronicans, an organization of writers. She had several study grants that she took postgraduate studies at the Columbia UNiversity. Until her death on 20 December 1969, she served as vice-consul to Geneva after being promoted from the position of cultural attache.

Some of Her Achievements

  • Helped found the Philippine Art Gallery
  • Painted abstract composition, Patterns of Leaves and Woman's Faces
  • Awards for her composition, Portrait, Noon Shadows, Gabi-Gabihan (Every Night), Two Children, and Lanscape from the Art Association of the Philippines
  • Gold medal for best criticism of contemporary art in the 1960s


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