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'Luksong tinik is a children's game usually played in backyards and playgrounds. It involves jumping over a fence made from the other players' hands and feet. The game requires at least three players.



The game's name comes from the Tagalog words lukso, meaning “jump”, and tinik, meaning “thorns”. The imagery of thorns is evoked by the players' hands and feet, which are vertically arrayed, end-to-end, with fingers splayed.


Two players are assigned to serve as the fence over which the other players will jump over. These two form a base by placing the soles of their feet together, A distance from the fence is then designated for the jumping players as a runway. In some games, the best jumper is designated as a “mother”.

Initially, the players who will act as the fence are determined randomly with a coin toss or jack-en-poy (rock-paper-scissors)


The players are to jump over the fence without touching it. As each round is cleared, the fence gets higher as a hand is added. This continues until the players who act as the fence run out of hands and feet to add. If any part of a jumping player's body or clothing touches the fence, that player is out. In variants of the game with a designated “mother”, that player has a chance to save a failed jumper by attempting the jump herself. If she fails, the game resets with the failed jumpers forming the fence.


Apart from playing as the fence in the following game, the failed jumpers can also be asked to play a round of “truth or consequence”, giving them a choice to answer a question honestly or undergo a task given by the other players. These questions and tasks are usually harmless but embarrassing, such as revealing who one is infatuated to or rolling in the dirt.




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