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Liwayway Marketing Corporation (LMC) is the manufacturer of the Oishi brand of snack products, Sundays and Sun Tea juices. It has over 50 variants of salty snacks, cereals, popcorn, cookies, powdered juices, and sauces. The main manufacturing facility is located in Imus, Cavite, with satellite factories in Cagayan De Oro and Cebu City.

Oishi products are exported to Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong, among others. It is dedicated to high quality foods at mass market prices. It is geared to the Philippine consumer base and Asian markets. THe flagship brand Oishi means "delicious" in Japanese.


In 1946, when a small family business engaged in the repacking of flour and coffee products was established through the efforts of Mr. Chan Lib and his wife, Mrs. See Ying. The flagship product then was Liwayway gawgaw, which soon became number one in laundry starch. In 1966, the business was converted into a corporation, as it expanded into the distribution of pomade, candles, candies and sauces. By 1974, under the second generation management headed by Manuel Chan, LMC diversified into the manufacturing of snack foods such as “Oishi Prawn Crackers” and “Kirei Yummy Flakes.” The company shifted into the salty snack enterprise.

“Oishi” became the patent brand for all our product lines, and has since established itself as a major player in the Philippine snack food market. In 1993, under the management of Carlos Chan, LMC embarked on its first venture in China, beginning with two companies in Shanghai: Shanghai Liwayway Food Industries Limited and Shanghai Prawn Cracker Foodstuff Company Limited. Since then, the China operations have grown to more than 12 companies located all over the mainland under the head company, Liwayway China Company Limited. Its products in China are marketed under the brand “Oishi Shanghaojia,” which in 2001, received the Shanghai Famous Brands award, firmly establishing itself as a major brand in Shanghai, and the rest of China as well. A few years later, manufacturing facilities were also set up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (1997) and in Yangon, Myanmar (1999), where Oishi is now the leading snack food brand.