List of Professional Organizations in the Philippines

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List of Accredited Professional Organizations in the Philippines

The Professional Regulation Commission started accrediting professional associations in 1978 in compliance with Section 1, Article IX of the Rules and Regulations, as amended by Section 1 of Commission Resolution No. 2, Series of 1978, and Commission Resolution No. 185, Series of 1991, which provides thus:

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width="20" valign="top" style="color:#B2B7F2;font-size:{{#switch: 10px=20px 30px=60px 40px=80px 50px=100px 60px=120px Section 1. In order to be accredited, the professional association must be:

a. Established for the benefit and welfare of the professionals of one discipline, for the advancement of the profession itself, and for other professional ends;

b. Open to all registered professionals of the same discipline without discrimination, provided that those engaged in kindred trades or occupations may be admitted as auxiliary members;

c. Representative of the profession to which it seeks accreditation, provided that within two years from the date of its accreditation, the membership in the organization shall include more than fifty percentum of the registered professionals who have been issued their current annual registration cards;

d. A national organization of a regulated profession;

e. Duly incorporated as a non-stock corporation by registered professionals of the discipline to which it seeks recognition.

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Among the professional organizations in the Philippines, the following are accredited by PRC:

  • Philippine Librarians Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PLAI)




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