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National Language Week or Linggo ng Wika is a very popular cultural event which is celebrated every first week of August. This event highlights the significance of the Filipinos' national language, Filipino. Each year, educational institutions such as schools, universities and government agencies celebrate this event through various activities such as essay writing contests, exhibits, parades and other contest showcasing the use of the Filipino language.


In March 26, 1946, President Sergio Osmeña issued Proclamation No. 35 that designated the period from March 27 to April 2 "National Language Week," each year. Then, on September 23, 1955, President Ramon Magsaysay issued Proclamation No. 186 that declared August 13-19 of every year as the "National Language Week." President Magsaysay changed the date of its celebration in honor of known "Father of our National Language," President Manuel Quezon's birth anniversary. The change also made possible for students and teachers to celebrate the event in their respective academic grounds.

After the remarkable EDSA Revolution, first female president Corazon Aquino issued Proclamation No. 19 on August 12, 1988 to reiterate the proclamation of the National Language Week on August 13-19, every year.

To further strengthen previous proclamations, President Fidel Ramos issued Proclamation No. 1041 on January 15, 1997, which declared the whole month of August as the "National Language Month."

Today, the National Language Week and Month are still celebrated in the Philippines. It is on the official calendar list of cultural events in the country.


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